Current Action Plan

As a new Association, TAICEP is still organizing its operations and attempting to grow its membership base. Each year a new action plan is created to guide us to meet our operational goals. Below is our current year action plan.

In 2015 TAICEP will…

  1. Lay the groundwork for professional certification;
  2. Strengthen the organization’s membership base in terms of numbers and geographical spread;
  3. Continue the work towards establishing standards for the profession, including a definition of the profession, producing a statement of ethics, and publish a resource library on standards reference list for members;
  4. Organize the organization’s first elections in Autumn 2015;
  5. Organize the first TAICEP conference, first weekend of October in Toronto, offering a multitude of professional development activities;
  6. Create social media channels to promote information provision to as well as interaction among the organizations’ members;
  7. Organize professional development activities such as webinars;
  8. Explore an interactive membership directory to allow for better networking amongst members;
  9. Be legally established as a non – profit organization and have produced and published its bylaws;
  10. Update the TAICEP website to achieve a more responsive, active and resource rich website;
  11. Ensure continuation of ongoing activities and work further to professionalize TAICEP and secure the future of the organization.