Organizational Structure

TAICEP is governed by the Executive Committee, standing committees and ad hoc committees. Each standing committee is comprised of a chair and at least two members. Committee chairs are elected bi-annually by the membership.  Ad-hoc committees and/or Task Forces may be appointed as necessary. The President appoints the ad-hoc committee chairs.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for providing the overall governance and leadership of the organization. The Executive Committee is comprised of the President, the Vice-President of Standards, the Vice President of Member Outreach, the Treasurer and the Secretary, the Immediate Past President, and the Executive Director.

  • President: Margit Schatzman
  • Past President:  Margit Schatzman
  • Vice President of Standards: Ken Warren
  • Vice President of Membership: Jeanie Bell
  • Treasurer: David Haynes (Beginning May 1, 2016) Michelle Moraes (To April 31, 2016)
  • Secretary: Kate Freeman
  • Executive Director: Robert Prather


Committee for Governance and Finance

The Committee for Governance and Finance is responsible for overseeing the governance structures for TAICEP, the long-term financial sustainability of the Association and to ensure that the Association complies with relevant legislation concerning the financial reporting of its activities.

  • Margit Schatzman (Chair)
  • Ken Warren
  • Margaret Donaldson
  • David Haynes (ex officio)
  • Robert Prather (staff)


Committee for Standards

The Committee for Standards is responsible for developing and maintaining a set of ethical principles, guidelines, standards, and best practices for the international credential evaluation profession that all members will be asked to adhere to, and to build on existing resources.

  • Rolf Lofstad (Chair)
  • Emily Tse
  • Meg Wenger
  • Sarah Ledwidge


Committee for Membership Outreach

The Committee for Membership Outreach is responsible for building TAICEP’s membership base and organizing appropriate outreach activities to ensure the Association is well-known.

  • Marshall Houserman (Chair)
  • Kelley Sharp
  • Shelby Cearley
  • Laurie Cook
  • Patrick Leahy


Professional Development and Training Committee

The Professional Development and Training Committee will develop a strategy for structured professional development for credential evaluators.

  • Jessica Stannard (Chair)
  • Robert Huang
  • Timothy Kell
  • Denise Benz
  • Julia Funaki


Resources for Members Committee

The Resources for Members Committee will develop key benefits/resources for members.

  • Lou Nunes (Chair)
  • Peggy Bell-Hendrickson
  • LesLee Eicher
  • Annetta Stroud
  • Anu Soin
  • Lily Jandreska
  • Rebecca Chamula


Ad-Hoc Committees

Conference Committee

  • Jeremy Mixell (Chair)
  • Luca Lantero ( 2017 Coordinator)
  • Kate Freeman (2018 Coordinator)

Certification Committee

  • Kate Freeman (Chair)
  • Aleksandar Popovski
  • Marianne Tompkins-Carter
  • Brian Bates
  • Eve Bonner

Marketing and Communications Committee

  • Shereen Mir-Jabbar (Chair)

Fundraising Committee

  • George Kacenga (Chair)