Strategic Plan and Committee Action Plans


In early 2020, the corona virus pandemic affected countries, governments, organizations, and individuals world-wideAs a result, TAICEP planning activities and the ability to realize outcomes were uprooted and seriously affected.  The first half of 2020 was used to transition to virtual platforms and adapt to new realities such as working remotely.   As 2020 wound down, much of the new infrastructure was in place and TAICEP leaders could again turn to planning and realizing outcomes, refocusing on the strategic plan and committee action plans for 2021.


The Association for International Credential Evaluation Professionals (TAICEP) was incorporated in 2013.  In the relatively short span of time from incorporation until now, our association has grown and contributed to our field at an impressive pace.  Official membership has topped 350, we represent over 21 countries and have held six successful international conferences.  We have provided resources and training to people who do the important work of international credential assessment.

In order to meet the needs of our membership and continue to contribute to the world community by doing work that supports the movement of people across borders for educational, commercial and personal reasons, we need to plan.  In October 2019 we completed a comprehensive process that resulted in this plan that will set the strategic direction of the organization in the years ahead. 


The strategic planning process included the following:

Stakeholder input and information gathering: In order to understand the needs and goals of the association members and to review the association’s position in the international education environment, we collected data.  We surveyed the TAICEP membership, all current TAICEP leaders, and all candidates for elected TAICEP positions.  We gathered data on the current state of our association, on our external environment, and the international education community in which our members do their work.

Analysis of issues and trends by association leaders: TAICEP leaders and leader candidates met for an all-day retreat as part of the fifth annual meeting in Vancouver.  At the meeting we reviewed our mission and operational principles, financial condition and accomplishments.  Leaders reviewed member survey results, committee priorities and issues facing the association.  An environmental scan and SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis provided a context for our future direction.


After sifting through all the data, discussion and analysis, the group identified three major areas of focus.  These, along with overarching goals, are:

  • Professional Development
    • Offer a comprehensive package of professional development programs that supports TAICEP members at all levels
  • Certificate Program
    • Develop new, timely, and relevant offerings for our members
    • Create certificate development and maintenance guidelines
    • Develop ability to elicit feedback on offerings
  • Finances
    • Support the continued development of the Certificate Program, professional development and other programs
    • Maintain fiscal responsibility through a variety of revenue streams such as the annual conference, sponsorship, and program fees designed to support financial growth and stability



TAICEP’s committees exist to support the Strategic Plan.  Each committee develops annual action plans according to their purposes as follows:

Governance and Finance Committee:  The purpose of the governance and finance committee is to ensure that the governance structures for the organization are appropriate, to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the organization, and to ensure that the organization complies with relevant legislation concerning the financial reporting of its activities.

Membership and Outreach Committee:  The purpose of the Membership Outreach Committee is to increase TAICEP’s membership base and organize appropriate outreach activities to ensure the organization is well-known. 

Standards Committee:  The purpose of the Standards Committee is to establish voluntary guidelines that ensure the integrity and consistency of credential evaluators’ work. The Committee develops ethical principles, guidelines, standards, and best practices for the international credential evaluation profession that all members will be asked to adhere to, building on existing resources. 

Professional Development & Training Committee:  The purpose of the Professional Development and Training Committee is to establish a strategy for structured professional development for credential evaluators.  This will include webinars, conference sessions, workshops, and more.  This committee will maintain and update existing materials.

Conference Committee:  The purpose of the Conference Committee is multi-year conference planning and oversight, sourcing future locations and making location recommendations, and ensuring that conference planning and activities stay on track. The Committee develops and maintains records and materials to ensure consistency in planning.

Marketing and Communications Committee:  The purpose of the Marketing and Communications Committee is the branding and messaging of TAICEP.  This includes outreach, cross-committee coordination through committee liaisons, developing promotion strategies to enable growth and diversity as well as communication diversification.

Resources for Members Committee:  The purpose of the Resources for Members Committee is to develop key benefits and resources for members, maintaining existing resources and creating new resources, in collaboration with other committees.

Digital Student Data Task Force:  The purpose of the Digital Student Data Task Force is to provide resources and guidance to the TAICEP community, enabling credential evaluators to facilitate student mobility by ensuring that evaluations and assessments are prepared based on complete, authentic educational documents. The acceptance and broad use of digital student data and electronic verification tools enhance the credential evaluation process for all stakeholders.  

Research Committee:  The purpose of the Research Committee is to provide guidance, advice, and management of professional research projects of interest to the Association. 

Organizational Advancement Committee:  The purpose of the Organizational Advancement Committee is to raise funds on behalf of TAICEP from donors, sponsors, and other entities.  

Certificate Committee:  The purpose of the Certificate Committee is to acknowledge and facilitate the acquisition of credential assessment knowledge in alignment with TAICEP standards for the profession. The committee develops means to recognize these achievements within the organization and the global community of credential evaluation professionals.  



The strategic planning process was successful due to the active participation of TAICEP members and leaders.  A great deal of thoughtful detail and input by members not included in this report, but nonetheless recorded and noted, will help to guide leaders in their work.  Continued input and volunteer contributions by many members have and will continue to make TAICEP a successful association.  The strategic plan will help us remain focused on the needs and wishes of membership. 

TAICEP will continue to serve its members as they contribute to the world community by doing work that supports the movement of people across borders for educational, commercial and personal reasons, building a stronger and better world.

We wish to thank all of the TAICEP members and leaders who contributed to the strategic planning effort.

Submitted and updated by Jeanie Bell, TAICEP President, January 2021