Foundation Certificate

This certificate attests that the holder has attained proficiency in foundational knowledge of credential evaluation and assessment as demonstrated by evidence of skill in the core competencies of evaluation, research, communication, and professional responsibility as developed by TAICEP Committee for Standards.  Candidates for the Foundation Certificate must be members of TAICEP.  Experience in credential evaluation is not required, but strongly encouraged. 

To earn a Foundation Certificate, a candidate must earn at least 100 points through three consecutive steps: professional development, an on-line assessment of knowledge, and a capstone evaluation.   The Certificate must be earned with a two-year time frame that begins upon receipt by TAICEP of the Foundation Certificate application and payment.  TAICEP recognizes extenuating circumstances may arise that could prevent candidates from completing all of the requirements with the two-year time frame for earning a Foundation Certificate; therefore,  requests for an extension of the two-year time frame will be considered.



Step One is professional development.  A candidate must earn at least 60 professional development points in the following ways:

  • Webinars: 5 points for each webinar with a maximum of 15 points
  • Conference sessions: 5 points per session with a maximum of 15 points
  • 1/2-day workshop: 10 points per workshop with a maximum of 20 points
  • Full-day workshop: 20 points per workshop with a maximum of 40 points
  • Publishing an article in a publication related to the profession: 20 points per article with a maximum of 20 points
  • Shadow an experienced credential evaluator for ½ day: 5 points per occurrence
  • Shadow an experienced credential evaluator for full day: 10 points per occurrence with a maximum of 10 points for all shadowing experiences
  • Professional reading: 5 points per occurrence with a maximum of 10 points.

After each professional development experience, candidates must write a short essay on how the experience helped with learning and understanding the core competencies.

Candidates can attend webinars, conference sessions, and workshops offered by any organization.  Proof of registration and attendance is required.

Candidates should review the core competencies and sub-topics of each competency as they consider professional development opportunities.  In other words, candidates should be strategic in considering professional development opportunities and not choose an opportunity simply to earn points.

Once at least 60 professional development points have been earned, candidates are eligible to move on to Step Two: an on-line knowledge assessment.  This is a web-based examination of 25 questions on the sub-topics of the core competencies.  The questions are in a variety of formats including true-false, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, etc.  Five questions are common to all test-takers, and the remaining 20 questions are randomized.  There is no time limit for this examination; candidates can start and stop the examination whenever they choose.  Candidates are free to use all resources they have available to answer the questions, but cannot ask others for assistance.  Candidates are allowed two attempts at passing the examination.  If a candidate is not successful after the second attempt, all professional development points are lost, and must be re-earned before being eligible to take the on-line assessment again.  For this reason, candidates must be confident they have sufficient knowledge to pass the examination in one or two attempts.

Step Three is the capstone examination.  This requires the evaluation of six credentials which includes identifying the credential, the issuing institution, admission requirements, an equivalency based on the candidate’s place of employment, and a rationale for the equivalency.  The evaluations must be completed and submitted to TAICEP within one month of receipt.  The evaluations will be reviewed by a TAICEP member who has significant experience in credential evaluation.  At least five of the six evaluations must be considered acceptable to the reviewer.  Three attempts at successful completion of the capstone examination are permitted.  Each attempt will include a different set of credentials to review.  It is expected that the capstone evaluations will be written in English, but if a candidate prefers to write the capstone evaluations in their native language, TAICEP will make every effort to find a reviewer who is a native speaker of that language or who is comfortable reviewing the evaluations in that language. 



The Foundation Certificate has a fee of US$300.  This fee is non-refundable. 

Please note that you must first join TAICEP as a member to participate in the Certificate Program.  If you are not a current member of TAICEP, please go to our membership page to sign up as a member prior to signing up for the Certificate Program.   After you complete the application, you will have the option of paying the certificate fee through PayPal or by check.  Under the PayPal option, you can pay through your PayPal account or through PayPal as a guest, which doesn’t require you to join PayPal (see this option to pay by credit or debit card just after the PayPal login information).

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