Secondary School Certificate

This certificate attests that the holder is well-versed in evaluation of secondary educational credentials and demonstrated evidence as such by meeting all components of this certificate, including a comprehensive online examination of knowledge of global secondary education components and systems.  TAICEP’s secondary school certificate has four components:  a webinar, two workshops, and an on-line examination of knowledge.  Candidates for this certificate must be members of TAICEP. 

The webinar reviews secondary education in the major educational system patterns and other countries.  The two workshops, which were held at the 2018 Philadelphia TAICEP conference and were taped for later viewing, focus on secondary school external examinations and non-traditional/non-academic secondary schools.  Each workshop is approximately four hours.   The webinar and workshops are available HERE for viewing.  

After watching the webinar and two workshops, certificate candidates will sit for an on-line examination of knowledge.  After successfully passing the examination, certificate candidates will be awarded the TAICEP Secondary School Certificate. 



The cost of this certificate is $250, which does not include the workshop fees. This fee is non-refundable.

Please note that you must first join TAICEP as a member to participate in the Certificate Program. If you are not a current member of TAICEP, please go to our membership page to sign up as a member prior to signing up for the Certificate Program. After you complete the application, you will have the option of paying the certificate fee through PayPal or by check. Under the PayPal option, you can pay through your PayPal account or through PayPal as a guest, which doesn’t require you to join PayPal (see this option to pay by credit or debit card just after the PayPal login information).

  Click here for the application form.