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Transcript Research Webinar: World Tour of Programmatic Accreditation

September 15, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Transcript Research is pleased to offer a brand new webinar on programmatic accreditation and how critical that is for non-US education. Join us on September 15, 2020, 10 AM CST by registering here: https://bit.ly/2Y1UVMm
In the US, programmatic accreditation ensures that a specific program being offered at an institution will meet certain standards for the field. This is especially important in fields such as nursing or engineering for licensure or employment but is not required for the majority of programs. Generally speaking, for US study, it’s the institution itself that faces the most scrutiny for students who want to study or work in other countries. 

In some countries, however, government recognition of an institution and accreditation of a program are *both* required in order for a degree to be fully recognized. To make things even more exciting, it is common for institutions to offer both: some programs that are accredited & fall under the auspices of the Ministry of Education or other higher education authority and some programs that are aimed at those wanting an employment qualification or who aren’t aware of that institutions might offer programs that don’t fit within the legally recognized degree system.

These non-official, non-recognized proprietary programs do not provide access to further education at public higher education institutions or employment in government jobs, but they may have validity for employment in the private sector. Proprietary programs often have more flexible entrance requirements or a shorter duration than recognized & accredited programs. They are also often advertised to international students rather than local graduates. Sometimes these proprietary, institution-specific programs are known by special names such as Titulo Propio or Lato Sensu, but in other cases, identifying validated and non-validated programs requires serious research.

Join us on a short trip around the world looking at a dozen countries where the program itself (not just the institution) needs to be accredited in order to be considered comparable to regional accreditation. We’ll work together to examine the resources and tools needed to identify programmatic accreditation.
We hope to see you then! Register now: https://bit.ly/2Y1UVMm

Peggy Bell Hendrickson
Director, Transcript Research                  
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