2020 Election Cycle

Become a part of an exciting and hard-working group of fellow volunteers who tirelessly work to advance our profession! 

Please read over the 2020 election cycle protocol for Board of Director and Standing Committee chair positions below, look over the job descriptions HERE (BOD positions) and HERE (standing committee positions), pick a position you are interested in, and then submit your self-nomination form.  You’ve got this!  And we need you!

Election Protocol 2020

Nominations Form for 2020 Cycle


We also have wonderful “ad hoc” committee chair positions open, which are appointed by the Board of Directors.  These chair positions are for the following:

  • Research Committee
  • Conference Committee
  • Certificate Committee
  • Marketing and Communications Committee
  • Organizational Advancement Committee
  • Digital Student Data Task Force

You can find job descriptions for these HERE.  If you are interested in one of these positions, please complete this form: 

Self-nomination Form for Ad Hoc Committee Chairs