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Organization Membership

Organization Membership includes public or non-public organizations or institutions that employ persons who perform international credential evaluation services or who affect policies related to the recognition of credentials, such as educational institutions or private credential evaluation services, state or provincial agencies, government coordinating bodies, ENIC-NARIC offices, policy-making groups, etc. The organization membership fee is $125 per organization member. If your membership is sponsored by an organization (such as an employer) or you wish to have your membership identified with an organization, you should register under the organization category and not the individual category. Each organization member must register separately so that we may capture your profile information. There is no additional fee or registration process for the general organization entity.

Organization Membership earns one vote per person for elections and Association business.

Membership expires one year from receipt of payment.

Membership Fee $195.00 now.
Membership Term Membership expires after 1 Year.