For a number of years informal groups of international credential evaluators around the world have been discussing the need for a new professional association. TAICEP was established to meet the unique goals of the profession of international credential evaluation.

The primary goals of the Association are to:

  • Define and promote the profession
  • Develop and promote common standards
  • Advocate for the profession
  • Conduct research and disseminate information that supports the profession
  • Identify and develop theories, methodologies and best practices used in international credential evaluation
  • Obtain appropriate official recognition for the association
  • Promote cooperation with other groups involved in international education
  • Identify and promote professional development, training, and other educational opportunities


Operational Principles

The operational principles of the association are:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Transparency
  3. Inclusiveness
  4. Volunteerism
  5. International orientation


Standards Development Principles

  1. Openness – the opportunity for involvement by all parties known to be affected by the particular standards  development activity
  2. Balance – balancing interests so that standards development activities are not dominated by any single group of interested parties
  3. Transparency – readily available access to essential information regarding proposed and final standards
  4. Consensus – substantial agreement reached on all material points after the consideration of all views and objections
  5. Process – including the right to express a position, to have it considered, and to appeal an adverse decision