Certificate Program

One of TAICEP’s primary goals was the creation of a certification program, and we are proud to announce that it has come to fruition.  The late David Millar of TAICEP’s Professional Development Committee began the initial research on the development of a certification program.  


The Certification Committee, in consultation with TAICEP’s Executive Board, decided to focus on offering a certificate program rather than a certification program for several reasons.  A certification program requires the development of an original, proprietary curriculum to be offered through TAICEP’s annual conference, webinars, and other avenues.  This requires a significant amount of volunteer time and a monetary investment by the organization.  A certificate program, on the other hand, builds on content that is already offered by TAICEP and other organizations thus yielding a shorter development and implementation period as well as a smaller capital investment.


CURRENT CERTIFICATES (click on for more information)

Foundation Certificate in International Credential Evaluation

Secondary School Certificate

Bologna Process Certificate



TAICEP will be introducing new certificates in the future.  Some certificates may be formatted as sequential in nature and will require other certificates as prerequisites.


Any questions about the Foundation Certificate or the Certificate Program in general can be sent to TAICEPcertification@gmail.com.



  • Kate Freeman (Chair), SpanTran:  The Evaluation Company
  • Marianne Tompkins-Carter, Ontario College of Teachers
  • Martha Van Devender, ECE
  • Rebecca Murphy, Doctoral Student
  • Melissa Brizuela, Ryerson University
  • Panambi Abadie, Universidad de la Republica



We would love TAICEP members from outside of North America to join our committee!  If you’re interested in being part of a dynamic and fast-moving committee, please contact Kate Freeman at kfreeman@spantran.com