Board of Directors & Board Committees

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors determines policy and direction for TAICEP. Further, the affairs and business of TAICEP shall be managed by or under the direction of its Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may, by general resolution, delegate to officers and to committees such powers as provided for in the Bylaws.

President: Marina Malgina, CIMEA, Italian NARIC

Past President:  Jeannine Bell, University of Colorado Boulder (Retired)

President-Elect: Christopher Adams, Indiana University

Vice President, Standards and Quality: Bettina Sümegi, ENIC-NARIC Sweden

Vice President, Membership and Engagement: Patrick N. Leahy, Michigan State University

Vice President, Professional Development:  Samir Gabro, Swedish Council for Higher Education, ENIC-NARIC Sweden

Vice President, Resources and Knowledge Management:  Shelby L. Cearley, Adtalem

Director at Large:  Pei (Peggy) Zhu, Comparative Education Service, University of Toronto

Director at Large:  Kathleen T. Freeman, Spantran: The Evaluation Company

Director at Large – Chair of Collaborative Relations & External Funding Committee:  Kenneth Warren, Educational Perspectives, nfp

Treasurer:  Andrew Goss, Indiana University Bloomington

Secretary: Ena Chaisson, MacEwan University

Executive Director: Robert Prather, TAICEP


Board Committees

Committee for Governance, Finance, and Audit. Responsible for overseeing the governance structure for TAICEP as appropriate, the long-term financial sustainability of TAICEP, and TAICEP’s compliance with relevant legislation concerning the financial reporting of its activities. 

  • Chair:  Jeanie Bell, University of Colorado Boulder (Retired)
  • Andrew Goss, Indiana University Bloomington
  • Robert Prather (ex officio), TAICEP
  • Kathleen Freeman, Spantran:  The Evaluation Company  
  • Nominations and Elections Advisory Council Members:   Kate Freeman (Chair), Spantran:  The Evaluation Company, Jennifer Singer, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Financial Advisory Council Members:  Andrew Goss (Chair), Indiana University Bloomington, David Haynes, IEE


Committee for Collaborative Relations and External Funding. Responsible for seeking connections with organizations that advance TAICEP’s goals and maintaining meaningful engagement. Seek external funding, such as but not limited to grants, for TAICEP. Further, the Committee shall provide leadership for and monitor the activities of TAICEP’s Membership Outreach and Engagement fund-raising efforts to ensure such efforts and activities reflect TAICEP’s vision, mission and values and align with the strategic plan. 

  • Chair:  Kenneth Warren, Educational Perspectives, nfp
  • Marina Malgina, CIMEA Italian NARIC
  • Patrick Leahy, Michigan State University
  • Pei (Peggy) Zhu, Comparative Education Service, University of Toronto
  • Robert Prather (ex officio), TAICEP