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TAICEP and AACRAO Collaborative Research Project on Cuba

In late 2017, AACRAO invited TAICEP to recommend the final member of their new research and publication team. The team was made up of people with university admissions/recruiting or credential evaluation experience and they were focusing on education in Cuba. After opening applications to TAICEP members, Martha Van Devender (of Educational Credential Evaluators) was selected and travelled with the rest of the group to Cuba in early 2018. The research project was designed for the team to learn more about the educational system of Cuba and how to disseminate this new knowledge to their colleagues. And the team certainly learned a few new things. In the years since, the AACRAO Cuba team has presented on various aspects of Cuban education at several major conferences, including NAFSA, AACRAO, and TAICEP. Members of the team have written articles and blogs about Cuba and their educational system. And a more comprehensive look at the Cuban educational system was released by AACRAO in 2020 as the culmination of the multi-year research project. This project was intended to develop comparative educational research and writing skills among international education professionals, and it achieved that goal. Plus, the team is always eager to answer questions about Cuba and that benefits us all.

The AACRAO Cuba research project always aligned well with the goals of TAICEP. One of the best outcomes of the project is that members of the AACRAO Cuba research team have continued to collaborate on other topics and several of them have even become involved in TAICEP leadership. The collegial nature of the research project created a cohort that will benefit TAICEP and the field at large for many years. The project also demonstrated the need for TAICEP to have their own research committee, to oversee and facilitate this type of opportunity. The committee has been around a few years now and is always seeking volunteers who are interested in TAICEP’s research agenda. And since research is most valuable when shared with others, here are links to some of the Cuba material that has been generated by the AACRAO Cuba research team since 2018. ¡Que agradable!


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