Research Program

Purpose: Managing professional research activities of interest to the Association.

The activities include research projects offered by partners, collaborators or consultants, and professional research projects initiated by TAICEP. The Committee is guided by member needs, strategic priorities, volunteer and staff bandwidth and financial resources. 


How We Work: Collaboratively and with great enthusiasm!

Our allies are within TAICEP and outside of the association.  We serve other TAICEP committees by being a hub for research ideas and support the strategic goals of TAICEP.  We look for opportunities to work with colleagues and supporters around the globe.  TAICEP members love conducting research and we joyfully work to facilitate and support those activities.


Research Priorities:

-Research on a country or region

-Research to advocate and support the profession

-Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in credential evaluation



Current Priorities:

-Establishing uniform processes and procedures to support and facilitate TAICEP research.

-Research on a country or region – Francophone Africa – in several forms and in collaboration with the Certificate Committee.

-Research to advocate and support the profession – Around the World – a comprehensive project to gather data on how credential evaluation and assessment are conducted in TAICEP member countries and beyond.