Congratulations to TAICEP’s Certificate Program Awardees!


Foundation Certificate

Karin Christoph Brown

Maria Mason Dahl

Courtney Cook

Novel Sanchez

Shereen Mir-Jabbar

Keshia Gudge

David Williamson

Olivea Dodson

Amy Kawa


Secondary School Certificate

Maria Mason Dahl

Serena Spitaleri

Juan Jimenez

Karen Christoph Brown

Jeremy Davies

Mallery Raup

Danielle McDormand

Annalisa Altura

Debra Greenl

Simone Orioli


Bologna Process Certificate

Suzanne Iseminger

Shelby Cearley

Cyril Thermes

Sarah Burn

Luisa Orticelli Pinto

Susana Paulin

Rong Fang

Lily Liang

Megan Van Son

Heather Kissinger

Simone Orioli


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