• Certificate Program

    Congratulations to TAICEP’s Certificate Program Awardees!

  • Annual Conference

    Join us for the 2024 TAICEP Annual Conference in beautiful Quebec City from October 28-31, 2024.  For more information, please see visit our conference website at https://taicep2024.dryfta.com.  
  • TAICEP Wiki!

    At long last, we are ready to launch the beta version of our TAICEP wiki, an exclusive benefit for TAICEP members with active memberships. Many hands, hearts and brains have contributed to the wiki development, and they have brought us to this point where we are ready for your contributions. The utility of this wiki

  • Hall of Acclaim

    TAICEP wants to ensure that our credential evaluation professionals receive the recognition they so richly deserve.  For more information on our awards programs, CLICK HERE!

  • More Cool Stuff

    Check out these opportunities, announcements, resources, and other things in our exciting profession.

  • Collaborative Relations

    TAICEP actively seeks strategic alliances that further strengthen our profession and are in agreement with our Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals.  If your organization would like to propose a collaboration with TAICEP, please complete this form.  TAICEP’s Collaborative Relations and External Funding Committee will carefully review and provide feedback on proposals that are submitted appropriately. Final

  • Geographical Nomenclature

    The information on this website and associated databases is provided for educational and informational purposes only. Location references, publications, and other resources may be listed under commonly used names of countries, regions, and territories. The manner of their listing does not represent statements of cultural, historical, political, or social opinions or facts by TAICEP or its members. All nomenclature used is a guide to research