Our Sponsors

TAICEP sponsors have a major role in supporting our profession, and we greatly appreciate their dedication to our success!


Organization Sponsors

General Sponsorship

Shelby Cearley, $100, 10/1/23)

Olivea Dodsen, $100, 10/19/23)


Growth Fund

Margit Schatzman, $1000 (8/11/22)


General Fund Sponsorship $2500 (4/25/22)

Jeanie and Larry Bell


General Sponsorship $500 (12/2/21)

Linda Tobash


General Sponsorship $1500 (3/12/21)


Designated Sponsorship (1/5/21)


In Memoriam Sponsorship

Stephanie Cloninger for Leo Sweeney (4/28/22)


Professional Development (10/1/20)


Silver Sponsor (7/9/20)


2021 Conference Sponsors
TAICEP Heroes:   Jeanie & Larry Bell, $2,500


2020 Conference Sponsors

TAICEP Gold Benefactors:  Jeanie and Larry Bell, $2,500

TAICEP Gold Benefactor:  International Education Evaluations, LLC, $2500

TAICEP Silver Benefactor:  International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES) – BCIT, $1,000

Help a Colleague:  Robert Prather, $225

Help a Colleague:  Shelby Cearley, $225

Help a Colleague:  Transcript Research,  $225

Help a Colleague:  Alistair Wylie, $225