Vision, Mission, Values and Goals

VISION (What we aspire to)

TAICEP aims to be a major worldwide trusted knowledge association for the credential evaluation community and a key supporter of professionals who undertake this work.  


MISSION (What we do)

The Association for International Credential Evaluation Professionals (TAICEP) has the single purpose of supporting and serving the profession of international credential evaluation by: providing a welcoming community for practitioners, conducting research, advancing thought leadership, identifying and advancing professional standards, offering professional learning and networking opportunities, and advocating for the profession and the practitioners who engage in this critical work. 


VALUES (In what we take pride/hold dear)

TAICEP values collaboration within the association and cooperation with other entities involved in international credential evaluation/assessment. We value

  • the individual practitioner and the importance of their work and voice 
  • the individual learner/worker 
  • the diversity of our community and the multinational nature of our work
  • respect for country and regional diversity and autonomy
  • inclusiveness in our membership and outreach 
  • quality in the research we conduct and the products and services we develop
  • quality professional development opportunities for practitioners at all stages of their careers
  • transparency in the governance of TAICEP and the work we do 
  • conforming to a standard of the highest principles, ideals, and practices


GOALS: Four key areas—advocacy, knowledge, professional development, and sustainability

Goal 1: Promote and Advocate for the Profession and Professionals in the Field

Subgoals: Working in collaboration with practitioners across the profession and organizations and entities worldwide engaged in work that contributes to the advancement of the field, TAICEP strives to:

  1. Raise awareness of the need for fair and quality credential evaluation practices to support global mobility 
  2. Raise awareness that the practice of credential evaluation is informed and evidence-based
  3. Raise awareness of and appreciation for the critical knowledge and services provided by credential evaluators/assessors
  4. Promote principled credential evaluation methodologies and practices
  5. Advance and promote opportunities for world-wide collaboration and cooperation

Goal 2: Advance Knowledge and Standards of Practice in the Field

Subgoals: Working to ensure that international credential evaluation practitioners have up-to-date information on emerging trends and challenges as well as access to trusted resources, TAICEP strives to:

  1. Scan global environments and identify trends and disruptions that affect credential evaluation, alerting practitioners and identifying responses, as needed. 
  2. Conduct research and disseminate information that supports the profession
  3. Identify and develop theories, methodologies, resources, and best practices for the field 
  4. Develop and advance professional standards for the field, accounting for local/regional differences 
  5. Define competencies for international credential evaluation practitioners 
  6. Create principles-based frameworks that credential evaluation professionals may use for evaluating the quality of credential assessment resources for the purpose of user-specific applicability

Goal 3: Create Professional Development Opportunities

Subgoals: Working to ensure international credential evaluation practitioners throughout their careers have quality learning opportunities to advance their effectiveness, TAICEP strives to: 

  1. Offer robust training and volunteer leadership opportunities for practitioners that address all aspects of the profession 
  2. Create and convene communities of practice internationally and regionally that offer opportunities both international and regional to advance networking and professional development opportunities
  3. Collaborate with other entities in providing and/or promoting training opportunities 
  4. Offer opportunities for practitioners to demonstrate and be recognized for achieving competency in specific areas of credential evaluation and assessment 
  5. Offer opportunities to research, publish and present 

 Goal 4: Strengthen and Sustain the Association

 Subgoals: Working to ensure that the Association continues to be and be seen as a robust, trustworthy and global entity, TAICEP will:

  1. Ensure our offerings are multi-regionally relevant
  2. Ensure high quality in and strong management and assessment of the Association’s products and services 
  3. Gain international and regional acknowledgement of the Association
  4. Strategically expand membership and demographic diversity
  5. Strategically expand collaborations
  6. Ensure the fiscal well-being and sustainability of the Association, which includes diversifying and deepening revenue streams 
  7. Advance a streamlined and nimble governance structure for the Association
  8. Identify, attract, cultivate, support, and recognize member leaders