Global Directory of National Qualification Frameworks

TAICEP is pleased to provide this Global Directory of Qualification Frameworks to our community.  

A qualification framework (QF) is a systematic ladder of qualifications in a country’s or territory’s education system.  QFs vary considerably as some only include information about a country’s or territory’s higher education system while others include the whole range of the educational system.  A qualification framework (QF) is also called a transparency tool because it assists evaluators in understanding where a certain qualification is placed in the country’s or territory’s educational system, such as the level of the qualification or access granted to further education or employment. QFs also help explain how the qualifications included relate to one another.  QFs are based on learning outcomes and presume that the qualifications included in the framework are recognized or quality assured.  In addition to a qualification framework, there can be subnational and regional frameworks that can be cross-referenced to ensure higher transparency in a region.  There are two options to view the Global Directory of Qualification Frameworks.

  1.  Non-members:  A 2022 PDF version is available HERE.
  2.  Members:  A continuously updated online version is available to members HERE.  

Please use this FORM to inform us of any errors or new developments in connection with a country’s qualification framework.