Awards Program

TAICEP’s Hall of Acclaim

This is a very special award program.  We seek to recognize past and present credential evaluation professionals who are pillars in our field and have made a significant contribution to the field over an extended period of time.  In addition, and this is the special twist, TAICEP desires to act as a repository of a person’s life’s relevant work experiences and professional body of work.  Hall of Acclaim inductees have a permanent place on TAICEP’s website noting their lifelong personal and work history, pictures, and, where possible, providing access to articles, presentations, papers, books, and other relevant documents and videos for members to access in perpetuity.   


We encourage nominations from all countries!  Click here for the nomination process


Hall of Acclaim Inductees

(Click on each name for inductee CV’s, links to their publications, photos, and more!)

2021 Class:  Mariam Assefa, Shelby Cearley, Ann Koenig, Luca Lantero, Rolf Lofstad, Dr. Lou Nunes, Kaja Schiotz, Inez Sepmeyer, Linda Tobash

2020 Class:  Ed DevlinJim FreyMargit SchatzmanNancy KatzPeggy Bell Hendrickson