Ann Koenig

  • Ann has…30+ years in the field of international credential evaluation, including leadership in NAFSA, TAICEP, AACRAO, EAIE
  • Ann is an…author, researcher, leader, expert, standard-setter
  • As an evaluator, Ann is…intrepid and unafraid of drilling down into complex evaluation cases
  • Ann has been…a mentor to many, and is a friend to those of us lucky enough to know her


30+ years of progressive expertise and leadership in international education  

International credential evaluation:  

  • Research, publication, evaluator supervision, and training  
  • Best practices in documentation review and verification  
  • Fraud awareness and investigation: documents, institutions, accreditation  
  • Design, implementation and management of research projects and training programs  
  • Specialist in educational systems of the regions of the CIS and Central Asia and Europe; academic  disciplines of law, music, nursing and medical professions, and others.  
  • Fluent in English and German; excellent writing and editing skills; research skills in most languages  

Campus-based student services:  

  • International undergraduate and graduate admissions  
  • Registrar and student services management  
  • Student academic advising  


AACRAO, Washington DC: Associate Director, March 2002 – Sept. 2021 (retirement)  

  • Evaluation: Evaluate foreign academic records and manage evaluation staff and services. Contribute content and  evaluation guidance as ex-officio member of the AACRAO International Education Standards Council (IESC). 
  • Evaluation Management and Training: Develop evaluation policy, train and supervise evaluators, create resource and  best practice materials.  
  • Training, Webinars, Presentations: Design curriculum, create training materials and deliver training in international  admissions, international credential evaluation, best practice, fraud detection and document verification; in person  and via Webinars and other online platforms.  
  • Research and Publication: Conduct and share primary research through AACRAO communications media. 
  • Inter-associational Engagement: Provide best practice training at international education professional development  programs in the United States and Europe.  

Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA: Associate Director of Admissions  

  • Evaluated records of international undergraduate and graduate applicants; coordinated admissions process; trained  international evaluation staff.  

University of California, Berkeley: International Admission Specialist, Office of Undergraduate Admission  Coordinated international undergraduate admission process applicants in a high-volume, highly publicly-scrutinized,  selective admissions environment; trained domestic evaluators for international back-up.  

Foundation for International Services, Inc., WA: Senior Foreign Credential Evaluator  

  • Evaluated foreign academic records for immigration and further education.  

University of Maryland University College, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany: Director of Student Services 

  • As registrar and academic adviser, managed US and international records and advising for student body representing  over 40 countries.  

Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee WI: Coordinator of Graduate Admissions  

  • Created the graduate admissions office; advised applicants; evaluated US and international student records.  

Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE), Milwaukee WI: Foreign Credential Evaluator 

  • Evaluated foreign academic records for education, professional licensure, employment and immigration, with  associated responsibilities for research, professional development training and institutional interface. 


  • AACRAO Member since 1989; staff since 2002. Original presentations and workshops on foreign credential evaluation,  international admissions best practices, diploma and accreditation mill fraud. International Education Committee,  1992.  
  • NAFSA Member since 1989; original national and regional conference presentations and workshops on foreign credential  evaluation, international admissions best practices, evaluation resources, diploma and accreditation mill fraud.  National ADSEC Team, 2000-02.  
  • EAIE Member since 1992; Autumn Academy Trainer 2013; original annual conference presentations and workshops on  education in southern Europe, US accreditation, diploma and accreditation mill fraud.  
  • AIE Arizona International Educators, member and session presenter since 2014. 
  • TAICEP Member since March 2016.  


  • California Community College Chancellor’s Office, international credential evaluation training, 2017  Maricopa Community College District, Phoenix, international admissions and records training, 2005, 2015, 2016  Institutional training: Arizona State University (AZ), University of Phoenix (AZ), Chapman University (CA), Holy Names  University (CA), California Baptist University (CA), 2002-2017  
  • ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners), 2007  
  • WASC (Western States Association of Schools and Colleges), 2007  
  • NASDTEC (National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification), 2007  NAGAP (National Association of Graduate Admission Professionals), 2006, 2007, 2018  
  • UNICA (Universities of the Capitals of Europe), Lausanne, Switzerland, 2006  
  • California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, 2004  
  • Western States Certification Conference (teacher certification), 2004, 2005, 2006  


  • Arizona State University, Tempe AZ: Affiliate, Melikian Russian and East European Studies Center  Presented information sessions on US education and accreditation systems for visiting scholars and administrators  Assisted the University of Prishtina, Kosovo, in developing centralized student records systems  Designed and implemented research project on education in Uzbekistan with Uzbek visiting scholar  
  • Alverno College, Milwaukee WI: Volunteer External Assessor, School of Business  
    • Evaluated student performance and self-assessments in international business meeting simulations  


  • Master of Arts in Foreign Language and Literature: German, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee  Bachelor of Arts with Distinction, major in German, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee  
  • Associate of Arts, major in Music, Alverno College, Milwaukee WI  
  • Study abroad in Germany:  
    • Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main  
    • Freie Universität Berlin  
    • Universität Freiburg im Breisgau


  • AACRAO Connect
    • Biweekly newsletter – https://www.aacrao.org/resources/newsletters-blogs/aacrao-connect.  Numerous news items including emerging news, updates on country educational systems and information on individual
      higher education institutions.
  • AACRAO Publications in print
    • AACRAO Online Bookstore: https://www.aacrao.org/research-publications/online-bookstore
  • AACRAO Publications Catalog in pdf: https://www.aacrao.org/docs/default-source/pubs/aacrao-publications-catalog_oct2020.pdf?sfvrsn=44e96b3b_2
  • The Admission and Placement of Students from the Republic of Poland, PIER Workshop Report, 1992 (also scanned in AACRAO EDGE)
    • The AACRAO International Guide, A Resource for International Education Professionals
      2001 ed., Chapter 7: Fraudulent Credentials: How to Protect Your Institution Against Fraud
      2010 ed., Chapter 7: Fighting Fraud in the Admissions and Registrar’s Offices
      2016 ed., Chapter 19: Fighting Fraud in the Admissions and Registrar’s Offices
      Guide to Bogus Institutions and Documents, AACRAO, 2021
      Chapter Ten: Fighting Fraud in the Admissions and Registrar’s Offices
      Guide to Bogus Institutions and Documents, AACRAO, 2006
      Chapter Three: A Practical Guide to Documentation review and Verification in International Admissions
      The Transfer Handbook: Promoting Student Success, AACRAO 2015
      Chapter Eleven: Fighting Fraud: Verifying Credentials
      The Educational System of the Russian Federation, An AACRAO Country Guide, AACRAO 2008 (also scanned in AACRAO EDGE)
      The Impact of Bologna and Three-Year Degrees on U.S. Admissions, AACRAO, 2007
      AACRAO International Graduate Admissions Guide, 2003
      Appendix A: Practical Guide to Documentation review and Verification in International Admissions
  • AACRAO C & U (College and University) Journal, AACRAO quarterly journal (members only)
    • https://www.aacrao.org/research-publications/quarterly-journals/college-university-journal/issue/c-u-archive
      International Resources: Electronic Tools for International Admissions:
      I – Five Tips for Learning to Use the Internet, Vol 78, No. 2, Fall 2002
      II – E-Russia – Vol. 78, No. 3, Winter 2003
      III – Have You Hugged Your Computer Today? Vol. 78, No. 4, Spring 2003
      A Practical Guide to Documentation Review and Verification in International Admissions, Vol. 77, No. 4, Spring 2002.
      Fighting Domestic and International Fraud in the Admissions and Registrar’s Offices, Vol. 88, No. 1, Summer 2012.
  • AACRAO country profiles and publications in AACRAO EDGE (subscription required), https://www.aacrao.org/edge
    • Author of or contributor to many EDGE Profiles including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Uzbekistan.
      Contributor to country publications scanned in EDGE:
      The Admission and Placement of Students from the Republic of Poland, PIER Workshop Report, 1992
      The Educational System of the Russian Federation, An AACRAO Country Guide, AACRAO 2008
    • Albania and Germany 1999 profiles in A Guide to Educational Systems Around the World
  • Educational Credential Evaluators
    • An Overview of the Educational System of Albania, ECE, Inc., 1993, https://www.ece.org/ECE/Institutions/Publications


AACRAO International Pre-SEM Workshop in Phoeniz, October 2019



















AACRAO Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, April 2019 – Bad knees!

EAIE Academy in Tallinn, Estonia, November 2013

IESC virtual mtg photo 10-1-2020














PIER Poland & Czech-Slovak workshop teams, Prague, May 1991










Ann Koenig (The Pillar) & Ed Devlin (The Legend) @ San Franisco Giants Spring Training in Scottsdale AZ, March 2010

Ann directing the Phoenix Desert Pipes with Ed in the audience, March 2010







UNICA Conference on fraud, Lausanne, Switzerland, March 2006