Ed Devlin

  • 50+ years of innovative leadership in international education
  • Focus on development of two-year colleges as higher education portal for international students
  • Numerous publications




AACRAO In Memory of Ed Devlin  

https://www.aacrao.org/resources/newsletters-blogs/aacrao-connect/article/in-memory-of-edward devlin#:~:text=Former%20AACRAO%20team%20member%20Edward,behalf%20of%20two%2Dyear%20colleges 

NASFA In Memoriam https://www.nafsa.org/about/about-nafsa/memoriam 


  • Over 50 years of innovative leadership in international education  
  • international admissions, student recruitment and academic advising  
  • higher education program design, development, implementation and administration  o focus on development of two-year college as higher education portal for international students  o colleague mentoring and training  
  • research, analysis and writing  
  • Life Membership in NAFSA: Association of International Educators  


Director of Special Projects, 2002-06, and adjunct Credentials Evaluator, 2008-16 (retirement)  AACRAO International Education Services 

Research and authorship of AACRAO Australia publication (2004); implementation of special research and  writing projects as assigned by Director; conference presentations and training programs; research and  authorship of country profiles for EDGE (Electronic Database for Global Education); foreign credential  evaluation. 

Associate Director of Admissions, Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA, 1999-2002 Responsible for: upgrading and administering graduate and undergraduate admissions policies and processes  at a private, urban university specializing in professional education in the fields of Business, Technology and  Law; development and implementation of recruitment and admissions review systems; preparation of publicity  and marketing materials related to international students and scholars; faculty liaison; admissions counseling;  representation of the university in international contacts with governmental and academic bodies; direct  recruitment in a variety of foreign environments. Developed innovative one-year bridge program leading to  graduate admission for qualified holders of Indian 3-year degrees.  

Admissions Reader, 1999 and 2000 Cycles, University of California, Berkeley Office of Undergraduate  Admissions 

Consultant/reviewer for freshman domestic and international applications to the College of Letters and  Science.  

Director of Academic Services, Foundation for International Services, 1998 

Evaluated foreign credentials in support of H-1B visa applications for engineers, scientists and computer  information professionals. Advised attorneys and employers such as Microsoft and Silicon Valley high-tech  companies on foreign educational achievements of prospective employees. Created knowledge base of  information and policy on academic credentials from 30 high-volume countries, used as a major source by 25  evaluators. Also developed academic guidance system for Boeing’s human resources benefits program: created  comprehensive counseling database of all postsecondary educational and technical programs in the state of WA  (20,000 programs) as support for Boeing employee educational benefit counseling. 

President and Founder, Pacific Coast Educational Services / USA Advisor, Monterey CA and Phoenix AZ,  1995-97  

Independent consultancy and Internet-based service for international student advising. 

Director, International Student Programs, Monterey Peninsula College, 1974-95 (retirement) Established and developed international student program with responsibility for recruitment,  admission, transfer credit evaluation, academic and transfer advising, INS support, faculty and  community liaison, staff development and supervision, marketing and publicity program. Increased  international student population from 50 to 350 with increase in selectivity; 85% transfer rate to 4- year institutions. Extensive travel involved student contact, presentation of workshops for counselors,  school visits and meetings with US and foreign education and cultural officers from diplomatic staff to  the ministerial level. Also evaluated foreign academic credentials for Office of Admissions and Records  (non-F1 visa students), facilitated campus cross-cultural communication (particularly with Health  Services), developed support service and advising for local colleges and high schools. Liaison with  Monterey Center for American Language Studies (IEP). Academic Senate 1973-85 (Vice-President,  1982), Chair of Campus Computer Committee, 1989-94.  

Director, Center for American Language Study University of California/Santa Cruz, 1979-80 Directed intensive ESL program while on leave from Monterey Peninsula College. Staff training and  supervision. Curriculum development. Testing and placement. Liaison with university faculty.  

English and ESL Instructor, Monterey Peninsula College, 1967-73 

Freshman Composition and Literature, ESL Writing, Grammar, Speech at beginning, intermediate,  advanced levels.  

Coordinator and Instructor in Academic English Summer (Summers), Stanford University, 1967-74 Orientation Program for Graduate Students. Curriculum development, academic staff selection, training and  supervision. Taught courses in graduate research preparation, library skills, grammar, humanities.  

Peace Corps Training Program, San Francisco State University, 1965-67 

Senior Linguist. Developed and team-taught 300-hour intensive language courses in Liberian and  Philippine languages (Kpelle,Vai, Bassa, Ilocano) to Peace Corps trainees. Instructed trainees in ESL  methodology.  

Postsecondary and International Consultancies 

Stanford University, Monterey Institute of International Studies, Hartnell College, Foothill College,  Cabrillo College, Concordia University (CA), Malaysia-America Commission on Educational  Exchange (Malaysia), plus many informal consultancies.  


Life Membership in NAFSA: Association of International Educators, conferred May 1995.  

Conference Presentations: NAFSA National Conferences ’78, ’80, ’82, ’83, ’84, ’86, ’87, ’88, ’89, ’90, ’91, ’92, ‘95;  Regional Conferences: ’77, ’81, ’85,’97. AACRAO Annual Meetings ’86, ’87, ’88, ‘90, ’06; PACRAO conference ’04.  

Committees: AACRAO Committee on International Education, ’86-’88; NAFSA Admissions Section National Team  ’89-’92 (Chair, ’90-’91); NAFSA National Nominations Committee ’92; NAFSA Cooperative Grants Committee, ’86- ’88; National Credentials Evaluation Project (Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Macau, Singapore), ‘88-’92;  College Board International Education Advisory Committee, ’91-’93; NAFSA Committee on Ethical Practice, 1994-96  

Publications: Author, Australia: Education and Training, An AACRAO Country Guide, 2004. Editor/Team Co-Leader, The Admission and Placement of Students from the Republic of Poland (PIER Workshop Report, 1992). Editor, The  Admission and Placement of Students from the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic (PIER Workshop Report, 1992).  Conference Planning Chair, Convening Chair, Technical Editor of Conference Report, Oregon Symposium: Future  Directions of Educational Research in International Education, Silver Creek Falls, Oregon, 1991 (Funded by  USIA/NAFSA). Co-author, Guide to English and Academic Orientation (Prentice-Hall, 1977). Invited Resource,  Malaysia-America Commission on Educational Exchange, Annual Counseling Conference, Fraser’s Hill, Malaysia,  1994. Co-author, Access America’s Guide to Study in the USA (Simon & Schuster, 1997) 


  • B.A. (Honors), Language Arts, San Francisco State University, 1963  
  • M.A., Language Arts: Teaching English as a Second Language, San Francisco State University, 1967 


AACRAO Publications in print  

  • AACRAO Online Bookstore: https://www.aacrao.org/research-publications/online-bookstore 
  • AACRAO Publications Catalog 2020 in pdf: https://www.aacrao.org/docs/default-source/pubs/aacrao-publications-catalog_oct2020.pdf?sfvrsn=44e96b3b_2 
  • The AACRAO International Guide, A Resource for International Education Professionals  
    • https://community.aacrao.org/CPBase__store?page=a0l1600000DTORBAA5&site=a0p16000006siHdAAI 
  • 2001 ed., Chapter 7: Fraudulent Credentials: How to Protect Your Institution Against Fraud  2010 ed., Chapter 7: Fighting Fraud in the Admissions and Registrar’s Offices  
  • 2016 ed., Chapter 19: Fighting Fraud in the Admissions and Registrar’s Offices  
  • AACRAO International Graduate Admissions Guide, 2003  
    • https://community.aacrao.org/CPBase__item?id=a1H1L00000BjZF2UAN 
  • Appendix A: Practical Guide to Documentation review and Verification in International Admissions  
  • Guide to Bogus Institutions and Documents, AACRAO, 2006  
    • https://community.aacrao.org/CPBase__item?id=a1H1L00000BjZOyUAN 
  • Chapter One: Why Verification of Suspicious Records is Important  
  • The Transfer Handbook: Promoting Student Success, AACRAO 2015  
    • https://community.aacrao.org/CPBase__item?id=a1H1L00000BjRmvUAF 
  • Chapter Eleven: Fighting Fraud: Verifying Credentials  

AACRAO C & U (College and University) Journal, AACRAO quarterly journal (members only)  https://www.aacrao.org/research-publications/quarterly-journals/college-university-journal/issue/c-u-archive 

  • A Practical Guide to Documentation Review and Verification in International Admissions, Vol. 77, No. 4, Spring  2002.  
    • https://www.aacrao.org/research-publications/quarterly-journals/college-university-journal/archived-c-u-issues/volume-77/c-u-archive/c-u-vol.-77-no.-4- spring-2002-(.pdf) 
  • Why Verification of Suspicious Foreign Records is Important, Vol. 77, No. 4, Spring 2002.  
    • https://www.aacrao.org/research-publications/quarterly-journals/college-university-journal/archived-c-u-issues/volume-77/c-u-archive/c-u-vol.-77-no.-4- spring-2002-(.pdf) 
  • Fighting Domestic and International Fraud in the Admissions and Registrar’s Offices, Vol. 88, No. 1, Summer  2012.  
    • https://www.aacrao.org/research-publications/quarterly-journals/college-university-journal/archived-c-u-issues/volume-88/c-u-archive/c-u-vol.-88-no.-1- summer-2012-(.pdf) 

AACRAO country profiles and publications in AACRAO EDGE (subscription required)  


The Admission and Placement of Students from the Republic of Poland, PIER Workshop Report, 1992,  Editor/Team Leader.  

The Admission and Placement of Students from the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic, PIER Workshop Report,  1992, Editor.  

Australia: Education and Training, An AACRAO Country Guide, 2003, Author.  

Malaysia, AACRAO EDGE Profile, 2004, Author.

International Education publications possibly available through other outlets  

  • Access America’s Guide to Study in the USA (Simon & Schuster, 1997), Co-author.  
  • Guide to English and Academic Orientation (Prentice-Hall, 1977), Co-author.  
  • Malaysia-America Commission on Educational Exchange, Annual Counseling Conference, Fraser’s Hill, Malaysia,  1994, Invited Resource. https://www.macee.org.my/ 
  • Conference Report, Oregon Symposium: Future Directions of Educational Research in International Education,  Silver Creek Falls, Oregon, 1991 (Funded by USIA/NAFSA), Conference Planning Chair, Convening Chair, Technical  Editor. 




1960’s newly-minted English teacher by the State of California





1960’s teaching ESL







1970’s – Welcome to the Foreign Student Advising Office at Monterey Peninsula College!








1980’s Asia recruiting for Monterey Peninsula College, student session







1980’s Asia recruiting for Monterey Peninsula College, student session








1990’s PIER Poland & Czech-Slovak workshop teams, Prague, May 1991







Ed Devlin (The Legend) & Ann Koenig (The Pillar) – November 2019