Luca Lantero

  • He joined the higher education field when he was 19 and he never left it, it was love at first sight
  • From 2009 he is director of CIMEA – the Italian ENIC-NARIC center
  • His expertise goes from the Italian educational system to the latest technological developments in the field, passing through transnational education, EU policies and the detection of fraudulent documents – Internationalization is his daily bread!


  • From 2009 – Director of CIMEA – the Italian ENIC-NARIC center www.cimea.it
  • From 2019 – President of the Lisbon Recognition Convention Committee Bureau
  • Head of the Bologna Follow-Up Group (BFUG) Secretariat of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) – (2018 – 2020) www.ehea.info
  • Member of the Editing Committee of the Global Convention on Recognition at UNESCO. 


  • President of the Lisbon Recognition Convention Committee Bureau.
  • Member and international expert of the ETINED WG (CoE).
  • Italian Representative at the BFUG, G20 Education WG and at the EEA.
  • Member of the Editing Committee of the Global Convention on Recognition at UNESCO.
  • Blockchain Expert in Higher Education
  • CEO at Associazione CIMEA and at Associazione RUI.
  • Member of the QA Evaluation Committee (Nucleo di valutazione di ateneo) at the Catholic University of Milan.
  • Member of the steering committee of “Universitas” magazine.
  • President of the CIMEA Academy.
  • Director of the Association for the Promotion and Development of Joint International Programmes in higher education (ProDeJIP).
  • National expert of the EQF and International consultant for the evaluation of NQFs.
  • Consultant at the Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI).
  • Expert of The Association for International Credential Evaluation Professionals (TAICEP).
  • Italian consultant and expert at the Ministry for Universities and Research (MUR) and at the Ministry of Foreign Aairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) for internationalization strategy and for bilateral relations and agreements with foreign countries, international organizations and HE systems.


  • DiploME – blockchain ecosystem, national project (MUR)
  • Q-ENTRY – International Database on Higher Education Entry Qualifications
  • FraudSCAN – false records, Altered University Diploma Sample Collection and Alert for NARICs
  • @NARIC – Supporting the ENIC-NARIC Social Media and Communication Strategy
  • REACT – Refugees and Recognition – Toolkit 2
  • DigiRec – Connecting Digital Exchange of Student Data to Recognition
  • DEQAR – Database of External Quality Assurance

The list of all the projects with the description of activities, outcomes and partner institutions is available at the following webpage: 




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2016_23rd Annual meeting of ENIC and NARIC networks