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Breaking Bad

May 21, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 11:15 am

Presentation Description:  Maybe it’s my degree in criminology that makes me always think like a “bad guy”. I’ve seen enough academic documents (many real, many definitely fake) and attended enough sessions on fraud and verification to learn how to beat the system if I ever start “Breaking Bad”. Using resources and technology that are easily available to anyone, let me demonstrate exactly how I would hack your institutions’ documentation requirements, gain admission, and take your scholarship money, should I ever decide I’m in the wrong business. Only by realizing and accepting what your institution’s vulnerabilities are, can you develop best practices to protect yourself. Bring your thoughts to the discussion on how, when dealing with international academic documents, to best balance security concerns against the practical considerations of time, cost, and access.


Bio: Timothy Kell works at Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE), a not-for-profit credential evaluation agency based in Milwaukee, WI. This August, Timothy will celebrate his 15 year anniversary at ECE, having held the positions of Evaluator, Team Manager, and Senior Evaluator. In the office (currently the second bedroom of his house), he is involved in the training and mentoring of new Evaluators. Away from the office, he has conducted many customized training programs for international admissions officers at universities in the United States and Canada. Timothy has traveled the world speaking to regional, national, and international audiences on a wide range of credential evaluation topics. As an active leader in the industry, Timothy is a longtime member of TAICEP. He is a former member of the TAICEP Professional Development and Training Committee, a current member TAICEP Conference Planning Committee, and was the chair of the TAICEP Conference Committee for the 2018 and 2019 Annual Conferences in Philadelphia and Vancouver.


About Timothy’s Employer:  Educational Credential Evaluators, (ECE) is a private, non-profit credential evaluation agency located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the United States. ECE’s mission is to promote the betterment of individuals’ lives and society by ensuring that educational qualifications are fairly and accurately recognized across borders. Since 1980, ECE has prepare foreign education credential evaluation reports for colleges, universities, employers, and licensing boards which are used for admissions, hiring, and licensure processes. ECE prides themselves on the quality, consistency, thoroughness, and integrity of our educational credential evaluations, based on expert research and NACES’ highest ethical and professional practice standards.

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