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TAICEP 2021 Elections

Dear TAICEP member,
It is time to begin the election process for the 2022 TAICEP leaders.  Are you proud to be an international credential evaluator? Do you feel that your participation in TAICEP has been a positive force in your career? Would you like to get involved in TAICEP leadership, but wondered how and when?  The time is now! Nominate yourself by August 19, 2021. 

“What’s in it for me?”
Knowledge and Skill Building

  • Work on unique projects and tasks
  • Enhance your knowledge and skills
  • Build your resume/CV 
  • Expand your brand within the profession, via leadership or management training
  • Be mentored


  • Build your network with peers at other organizations 
  • Enhance the visibility of your campus or organization
  • Gain visibility on your own campus
  • Gain promotions and/or new positions 
  • Work with a friendly, professional group of colleagues

Giving Back

  • Contribute your expertise
  • Assist with advancing the field of international credential evaluation

Available Positions
In September 2021, the TAICEP membership will vote on candidates for the following positions:


  • President [Special Term Election for Transition Year]
  • Past President [Special Term Election for Transition Year]
  • President-Elect
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • VP Standards & Quality
  • VP Membership & Engagement
  • VP Professional Development
  • VP Resources & Knowledge Management
  • Director at Large (2)


  • Chair, Committee for Standards and Quality
  • Chair, Committee for Membership Outreach & Engagement
  • Chair, Committee for Professional Development
  • Chair, Committee for Resources & Knowledge Management
  • Chair, Conference Committee
  • Chair-Elect, Committee for Standards and Quality
  • Chair-Elect, Committee for Membership Outreach & Engagement
  • Chair-Elect, Committee for Professional Development
  • Chair-Elect, Committee for Resources & Knowledge Management
  • Chair-Elect, Conference Committee

Note: The Chair-Elect’s primary responsibility is to prepare him/herself for the role of the Chair. The Chair-Elect will automatically succeed the Chair at the end of his/her term, so the Chair-Elect should use their term to familiarize themselves with the position to which they have been elected.

Please refer to the Election Protocol document for more information. It contains detailed position descriptions and length of term of office for each of the positions.
Nomination Process
You can nominate yourself by completing the Nomination Form.  Please also send your resume/CV.to nominations@taicep.org by no later than August 19, 2021. 
If you know anyone who will be a good candidate, please feel free to forward this email to him or her. Each person needs to nominate himself or herself. 
Please note: 

  • Only persons who are TAICEP members by the time the nominations are closed will be considered for a place on the ballot; 
  • While a nominee will only appear on the ballot for one position, you can nominate yourself for more than one position; 
  • When designing the ballot, the Board of Directors will determine the final slate of candidates; after the deadline for nominations is closed, nominees will be contacted on the position for which they will run;
  • All positions require at least 4 to 6 hours’ time investment weekly; 
  • Because TAICEP is an international organization, flexibility in time and attitude is a must.

Election Timeline
8/5/21    Call for nominations
8/19/21  Nominations close
8/26/21  Final proposed slate presented to Board for approval
9/2/21    Notice of election, nominees and ballot process go out to membership
9/16/21  Election period (electronic voting) begins
9/30/21  Election period ends
10/7/21  Election results announced to the Board. President sends election results to membership
10/7/21  New slate starts participating in existing conference calls and onboarding begins

If you have any questions, please contact the Governance, Finance, and Audit Committee at nominations@taicep.org.
LesLee Clauson Eicher
Past President and Chair of the Governance, Finance, and Audit Committee