Nancy Katz

  • Numerous publications for AACRAO, NAFSA
  • Charter member of TAICEP
  • Entire career in the field of foreign academic credential evaluation
  • Strong advocate for professional development in the field






  • Evaluation Service, Inc., Chicago, IL , Director (2008-present)  
  •  Associate Director (2001-2007), AACRAO, Washington, DC (2000 – 2018)  
  •  Special Consultant to the American Association of Collegiate Registrars & Admissions Officers   Contributor to the EDGE database  
  •  World Education Services (WES), Chicago, IL / New York, NY, Director of Midwest Office and Corporate Relations (1995-2000/Chicago, IL);   Director of Evaluation Services (1993-1995);  Associate Director – Evaluations (1988-1993);  Workshop Coordinator (1988-1991); Foreign Credentials Analyst (1983-2000)    
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University , East Rutherford, NJ (1987-1988), Assistant Director of International Admissions  
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (1981-1983),  Administration Assistant, Foreign Graduate Admissions, Rackham Graduate School 


All academic fields of study and countries, with special emphasis on: Middle East (Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Syria,  Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan); Indian Subcontinent  (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh); Asia (Korea, Thailand, China, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan); United Kingdom;  Russia and the former Soviet Republics; Eastern and Western Europe; The Americas; and general credential  evaluation and international admissions processing (fraudulent credentials, bogus degrees, altered documents)  


  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI  
  • 1980-1981 Graduate course work towards Master of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies.   Language of Study: Persian (Farsi)  
  • 1980 Master of Arts, Comparative and International Education  
  • 1978 Bachelor of Arts, Cross-Cultural Studies  
  •  Language of Study: Spanish and Hebrew  


  • AACRAO EDGE – International Education Standards Council (IESC)  
    • 2017–present Member EDGE Committee which is responsible to the oversight of ‘placement  recommendations in EDGE.  
    • 2013- 2015 International Activities Special Task Force  
    • 1989-1992 International Admissions Committee Member  
  • National Association of Credential Evaluation Services, Inc. (NACES) 
    • 2006-2016 Vice-Chair (2014 – 2016); Membership Chair (2008-2012), Membership Committee  and By-Laws Committee  
    • 2004-2007 Immigration Issues Liaison  
    • 1999-2000 Vice-Chair  
  • TAICEP – The Association for International Credential Evaluation Professionals  2013-2014 Secretary and member Steering Committee
  • NAFSA: Association of International Educators, Washington, D.C.  
    • 2007-2008 NAFSA 2008 Conference Planning Committee  
    • 2004-2007 Credentials Evaluation Editor, NAFSA wRAP Newsletter  
    • 2001-2006 Committee Member, National Council for the Placement of Foreign Students  2001-2002 Program Coordinator, Conference Planning Committee, Annual Conference 2002  1994-1995 Membership Chair, Region X (New York/New Jersey)  
    • 1993-1994 Chair, Region X  
    • 1992-1993 Chair-elect and Conference Chair, Region X  
    • 1989-1992 Admissions Section Representative, Region X  
    • 1988-1989 Treasurer, Region X (New York / New Jersey)  
  • Foreign Credential Commission on Physical Therapy, part of the FSBPT, Alexandria, VA 2011- 2019 Board Member (Public Member)  
    • 2018-present Member – Nominations Committee  
  • University of Illinois at Chicago  
    • 2010-2011 Graduate Admissions Special Committee on Foreign Education (Public Member)  


  • Foreign Credential Evaluation 101, 2018 FSBPT (Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapists) Annual  Meeting, Reston, VA  
  • Credential and Admissions, 2018 Chicago NAFSA Round Table, organizer and moderator  *Evaluation Resources: Before the Internet, , There were … BOOKS! 2018 TAICEP Annual Conference,  Philadelphia, PA  
  • Recruitment and Credential Evaluation for International Admissions (2018), Chicago NAFSA Round Table  (organizer)  
  • Reflecting on the Cuban Education System as U.S.-Cuba Relations Improve, Moderator, 2017 NAFSA Annual  Conference, Los Angeles, CA  
  • AACRAO Fall Symposium: The U.S. Perspective on the Three-Year Bologna-Compliant Bachelor’s Degree,  (2017)f Washington, DC  
  • International Credential Document Verification, (2016)  
  • TAICEP 2016 Conference, BIHE / Iran presentation, Chicago, IL  
  • Profile on ‘Iran’ for EDGE – Electronic Database on Global Education 2016 AACRAO, co-author / update  *Basics of Credential Evaluation (2016), NAFSA Chicago Round Table  
  • Foreign Educational Credentials Analysis Workshop (2015), NAFSA National Conference, Boston, MA  *Foreign Educational Credentials Analysis Workshop (2014), NAFSA National Conference, San Diego, CA  *NAFSA Annual Conference (2013) – Baha’i Education in Iran  
  • Educational System of Iran, NAFSA Region V (2013)  
  • Credential Roundtable (2013), NAFSA Chicago Round Table  
  • Workshop on Credentials, University of Michigan / Flint (2013)  
  • Information Session on Credential Evaluation for ESL Students, Should Suburban College, (2013)  *Training the Next Generation of International Educators (2013) White Paper  
  • AACRAO: Summer Institute – Presentations (Iran, Israel, Thailand); Annual Conference – Presentations (Iran;  International Credential Evaluation: Using the Internet); Transfer Credit Conference – Handling Potential  Transfer Credit from a “Non-Recognized” School in another Country (2012)  
  • Michigan Association of International Educators (MAIE) – Altered, Fake and Bogus Documents, March 2012  *Brazilian Education Systems, NAFSA National Conference, Moderator (2011)  
  • Educational System of Thailand, AACRAO Annual Conference 2009  
  • Admissions 101 (2009), Chicago NAFSA Round table  
  • Credentialing Tools / Documentation, FSBPT User Workshop, 2009, Alexandria, VA  *Profile on ‘Thailand’ for EDGE – Electronic Database on Global Education 2007, AACRAO  *Electronic Resources for Credential Evaluation, 2005 – 2007, various NAFSA and AACRO conferences  *Basic Credential Evaluation for University Admission Officers, NAFSA Region V, Michigan, 2007  *Accreditation: Is this school recognized in the U.S. or Overseas? American Intercontinental University, 2007  *Staff Training on International Credential Evaluation, (multiple universities / professional assns.), 2000-2007  *Update on the Educational System of Iran, NAFSA Region V Conference, Milwaukee, WI 2003  *The Educational System of India,’ WES Annual Workshops, 1994 – 2001  
  • Assessment of Internal International Admissions Processing, Chicago based University, 2001  *’International Transfer Credit,’ AACRAO Annual Conference, Seattle, WA 2001  
  • ‘The 13 Rules of Credential Evaluation,’ MN AACRAO (2002), MI NAFSA (2002), IL NAFSA (2002), Middle  States AACRAO, Albany, NY, 2000  
  • ’International Admissions 101,’ Great Lakes AACRAO, Toledo, OH, 2000  
  • ‘Update on Evaluating International Credentials,’ (NACAC) National Conference, Washington, D.C., 2000  *‘U.S. Higher Education: An Introduction to International Visitors,’ NAFSA National Conference, 2000  *Information and training seminars on basic credential evaluation and fraudulent documents, DeVry Institutes  and Columbia College, 1998-2001  
  • Co-authored book on: The Educational System of Thailand, 1999, AACRAO, Washington, D.C.  *Update on the Thai Educational System,’ NAFSA Region V, Peoria, IL, 1999 
  • Detecting Altered Foreign Educational Credentials, National Association of Competency Assurance (NOCA),  special program (1998) and National Conference (1999)  
  • Evaluating Foreign Degrees for Graduate Admission,’ National Association of Graduate Admission  Professionals, (NAGAP), 1999  
  • ’Working with Foreign Educational Documents,’ UMACRAO, Fargo, ND, 1997  
  • ‘The Admissions Process” of Access America’s Guide to Studying in the USA, Kaplan/Newsweek, 1997  *’The Educational System of Thailand & Recruitment,’ AACRAO Annual Conference, 1997/1995, NAFSA 1995  *’Credential Evaluations in Immigration Law,’ Immigration Law Report, Vol. 15, No. 2 Jan. 1996, co-authored.  *Book review Universities Handbook, 26th edition, Association of Indian Universities, WENR, 1996  *’Foreign Credential Evaluation for Immigration Lawyers,’ Chicago Chapter AILA, 1994  *’Using Reference Materials Available in Evaluating Foreign Academic Credentials: A Hands-on How to  Approach,’ AACRAO Annual Conference 2006, 2007, 1994 and NAFSA Annual Conference 1993  *’Fraudulent Foreign Academic Credentials,’ International Student Services Conference, CUNY-NY, 1993  *Book review Education in the Arab World, Vol. I, 1993, AMIDEAST, World Education News and Reviews, 1993  *’Resources Available for Credentials Evaluators,’ NAFSA Region X Newsletter 
  • ‘Jordan,’ International Academic Credentials Handbook, Vol. II, AACRAO, 1990  
  • Handassaim – Israel Practical Engineers,’ World Education News and Reviews, Vol. 2, No. 4 



THAILAND is available on AACRAO EDGE  (the EDGE profile is free, but you must be a member to get the book).   https://www.aacrao.org/edge/country/thailand




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