“Inforesurs” as the Verification Tool of Educational Credentials in Ukraine: 2017 Pre-conference Edition


Written by: Tatiana McKenna, Educational Credential Evaluators

The state enterprise “Inforesurs” belongs to the administrative sphere of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. This organization is the administrator of the Unified State Electronic Database in education, also known as ЄДЕБО, and the authorized body in providing educational institutions with educational documents of the state format and student ID cards. In 2011 according to the ordinances issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the state enterprise “State Center of Applied Information Technologies”, commonly referred to as the “Osvita” database, was reorganized by merging with the State Enterprise “Inforesurs”. The latter is the successor of all the ownership rights and responsibilities of the state enterprise “State Center of Applied Information Technologies”.

The “Inforesurs” is responsible for conducting the following procedures:

  • developing the Unified State Electronic Database in Education and ensuring its maintenance;
  • providing operative access to the data stored in the Unified Dabatase;
  • technical and technological maintenance of functioning and administration of the Unified Database;
  • automation of collection, monitoring, processing, storing, and protection of information on educational credentials, student ID cards, and other educational documents;
  • providing Ukrainian educational institutions of all types and kinds with educational documents of the state format.

The Unified State Electronic Database in Education is an automated system designed for the accumulation, storage, and protection of data, including personal information, with regard to the institutions providing educational services in Ukraine. The ЄДЕБО is also the state registry which contains records of individual students (pupils) and graduates of educational institutions, detailing the educational qualifications that they have earned. As a registry containing individual student records, it also provides information regarding the level of the qualification earned. The data stored in the registry encompasses records of students at all levels, whether they are considered entrants, scientific professionals, scientific-pedagogical professionals, or participants of the educational process at other levels. The database is comprehensive so it houses the data of most Ukrainian educational institutions regardless of their form of ownership. The complicated relationship of the ЄДЕБО with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the “Inforesurs” can be explained by the roles that each of these institutions plays in that relationship: the MOE takes on the role of the “manager” and  the “Inforesurs” serves in the role of  a “technical administrator.”

One of the most important functions of the “Inforesurs” relevant in the work of an evaluator is the verification of credentials issued in Ukraine.  However, the scope of the verification services that the “Inforesurs” can provide does have some restrictions, and these limitations relate to certain time-frames and the mode of verification (written vs online). The “Inforesurs” staff will verify “plastic” diplomas ranging from Atestat to Magistr, issued from 2000 to 2014 free of charge within five business days per written request sent by regular mail to Ukraine. The application forms for requesting information on credentials stored in the Unified State Electronic Database in Education are accessible at the link https://www.inforesurs.gov.ua/zrazku.html. The “Inforesurs” expects an applicant or a third party to provide photocopies of the internal Ukrainian passport of a graduate and his/her educational documents for verification in addition to the application form, the sample of which is posted online in the “Inforesurs” website.

The following credentials can NOT be verified by either the “Osvita” or “Inforesurs” issued in the time frame of 2000-2014:

  • Incomplete education (Academic Records, Archival Records);
  • Credentials that are issued by military or internal affairs institutions;
  • Diplomas issued to foreign students;
  • Diplomas of re-training;
  • Diplomas for Candidate of Science (doctoral) degrees;
  • Any other diplomas/certificates that are not in the plastic card format.

However, foreign student diplomas are already verifiable by the “Inforesurs” beginning with those issued in 2015. This option was not available in the “Osvita” database.

It should be noted that in Ukraine there are three main well-known educational organizations that either used to verify or are currently verifying educational credentials.


In order to verify credentials issued in 2015 and later we recommend visiting the “Inforesurs” website at the following link https://www.inforesurs.gov.ua/zaputu.html.


Selecting an option of verifying an educational document (Diploma) stored in the Unified State Electronic Database in Education redirects the user to the electronic application form. All the requested information, such as the Last Name, First Name, Patronymic Name, Document Type must be typed in the Ukrainian language in the exact same way as they appear on the educational credentials, whereas the Series should be entered in the Latin alphabet.


The “Inforesurs” written verification of credentials is issued in the standardized format and contains the following detailed and in-depth information:

  • the type of the document on education,
  • the name of the issuing institution,
  • the date of issuance,
  • the serial number listed on the diploma,
  • the name of the student,
  • his/her date of birth,
  • the specialization and the qualification in addition to the written confirmation of the educational credentials being stored in the “Osvita” database and the Unified State Electronic Database in Education.



Of all the available official governmental verification resources in Ukraine, we consider the “Inforesurs” the most secure, accessible, and cost-effective verification tool as it provides comprehensive verification of Diplomas within a minimal time-frame, and its verification services are free of charge. It should be particularly emphasized that the “Inforesurs” is constantly updating its services and work performance already noticeable in the website, such as the publication of “Inforesurs” documentation requirements and application forms for verification of credentials. In addition, the “Inforesurs” provides specific educational information pertaining to higher and vocational sectors of education. Hopefully in the nearest future its verification services will be improved to satisfy the demands of both the individuals and third parties for authenticating credentials from Ukraine.


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