Kathleen Freeman

  • Kate has 30 years of experience in international education with 20+ years in international credential evaluation and international admissions
  • She is a charter member of TAICEP and has held leadership positions in TAICEP and NAFSA: Association of International Educators
  • Kate has authored publications on the educational systems of Morocco and France, and all three editions of an introductory guide to evaluating foreign educational credentials for NAFSA, and 100+ country entries on ACCRAO EDGE
  • She was a Fulbright Scholar in Germany and Belgium in the U.S. International Education Administrators program in 2002 as well as a NAFSA/U.S. State Department Grantee in France in 1999
  • She is an active presenter at TAICEP conferences and webinars, and has been a presenter at numerous NAFSA and International ACAC conferences


  • Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Sociology, Lake Erie College
  • Master of Arts in International Education, Ohio University
  • Certificate in Spanish to English Translation, New York University


  • June 2015 to present: Senior Credentials Analyst –  SpanTran: The Evaluation Company, New York NY
  • Senior Global Assessment Specialist – CGFNS International/International Consultants of Delaware, Philadelphia PA
  • Director of University Partner Relations – ELS Educational Services, Princeton NJ
  • Executive Director, International Students and Scholars Services – Drexel University, Philadelphia PA
  • Coordinator of International Student and Scholar Services – Monmouth College, West Long Branch, NJ
  • International Student Coordinator – Luther College, Decorah IA
  • ESL instructor and foreign student advisor – ELS Language Center, Cleveland OH
  • Instructor of English – Feng Chia University, TAIWAN
  • Peace Corps Volunteer: English Teacher – Lycée Hassan Ad-Dakhla, MOROCCO


  • 2022: Educational System of Morocco (SpanTran: The Evaluation Company)
  • 2021: Evaluating Foreign Educational Credentials: An Introductory Guide 3rd Edition (NAFSA: Association of International Educators)
  • 2016: Evaluating Foreign Educational Credentials: An Introductory Guide Revised (NAFSA: Association of International Educators)
  • 2012: The Educational System of Morocco (The Pioneer Fund)
  • 2010: Evaluating Foreign Educational Credentials: An Introductory Guide (NAFSA: Association of International Educators)
  • 2007: The Educational System of France (AACRAO)
  • 150+ AACRAO EDGE country profiles
  • 30+ NAFSA Country Guide profiles




  • Unchartered Territory: Interpreting Qualifications from Selected Chartered Associations
  • Won’t Be Fooled Again!  Dealing with unaccredited schools, diploma mills and fraudulent credentials from a multi-country perspective


  • Accreditation in U.S. Higher Education
  • Pulling Back the Curtain: Evaluating with a Global Mindset


  • Recognition and Accreditation of Medical Schools in the Caribbean
  • Post-Secondary Education in Spain


  • Homeschooling and Other Alternative Secondary School Avenues
  • Post-Secondary Education in the USA


  • Introduction to and Update on the Bologna Process (workshop)
  • An Update on the Educational System of Morocco


  • The Educational System of Scotland
  • Non-Traditional and Non-Academic Secondary School (workshop)


  • Education and Licensure of Medical and Allied Health Professionals in the USA
  • Who Wants to Be a Credentials Evaluator?
  • Evaluating Credentials with a Global Mindset: Exploring Our Difference and Similarities


  • Credential Evaluation Jeopardy
  • Evaluating Credentials with a Global Mindset: The Discussion Continues
  • TAICEP: Where Do We Go From Here?


  • Evaluating Credentials with a Global Mindset



  • Homeschooling and Other Alternative Secondary School Avenues


  • Vocational Secondary Education from Selected Countries



  • In-House or Outsourced Credential Evaluation