Pre-Conference Workshops and Certificate Program – October 2019 Newsletter


This year, six different Pre-Conference Workshops will act as the prelude to TAICEP’s 5th Annual Conference on Monday, October 21st, with presenters from five different countries. There are three morning workshops and three in the afternoon.

On offer in the morning, “Evaluation Checklist: Defining the Steps You Need to Take and the Information Required to Assess Foreign Credentials” is an interactive workshop that will explore introductory tools and assessment procedure elements that prepare evaluators, prevent them from having to “reinvent the wheel,” and explore answers to questions that all credential evaluators should ask.

The “Introduction to and Update on the Bologna Process” workshop is offered as part of the TAICEP Certificate program. It is offered independent of the certificate program, covering its history, components, and how some non-signatory countries of the Bologna Declaration have mirrored the Bologna Process in their post-secondary education systems.

To learn more about the TAICEP Certificate Program, please go HERE

“Demystifying the Middle East: A Focus on the Gulf States” is the third morning workshop and focuses on the similarities that Gulf States’ post-secondary education systems have with each other and the U.S. The workshop will also include an in-depth look at the particular case of the post-secondary credit and grading system of Iran.

In the afternoon, “Review! Refresh! Revisit! – Updates and Best Practices on Detecting and Combating Fraud” will cover methods of detecting fraud in both different circumstances, from “old-school forgery” to “spoofed emails” and “fake mailers.”

“Into the Maze – Making Sense of Transnational Education” will address transnational education programs, as they increase in prevalence, and the “sticky situations” that they present to international education professionals.

The sixth workshop is “The Educational Systems of West African Countries,” which will cover the history and background of each country’s education system as well as commonalities and differences.

Please note that each Pre-Conference Workshop is a separate ticketed event that can be purchased along with your conference registration.

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Shereen has been conducting research on educational credentials from precedent and non-precedent source countries and reviewing documents for evaluations for internationally educated physiotherapists for over 6 years. Prior to her experience at CAPR, Shereen worked as an Outreach Liaison Specialist at Job Skills supporting newcomers and immigrants in York Region. Shereen holds an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Communication, Culture and Information Technology from the University of Toronto and a post-graduate certificate in Corporate Communications from Seneca College. Shereen also co-presented at the TAICEP 2016 conference in Chicago on the following topic "Increasing Pre-Arrival Support for Internationally-Educated Professionals in a Culture of Openness and Transparency." She also recently presented at the 2017 conference on education fraud and degree mills, and is currently the Chair of the Marketing and Communications Committee at TAICEP.