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We invite you to submit relevant events and professional activities for our events calendar. Our calendar is visible to all credential evaluation professionals who visit the TAICEP website, and the current month is conveniently displayed in the right-hand corner of our homepage. By sharing your event on our calendar with the TAICEP community, you can help increase the visibility of your networking events, webinars, or professional training activities. Adding your events to our calendar is fast and easy! You can click here to learn more. If you don’t have any events to add, please consider supporting fellow members by checking our calendar regularly for activities that may be of interest to you and that can help spread the word to other professionals. We are always looking for innovative ways to engage with and support our members and we hope that this new service will be helpful to you all.

Member Benefit Program

The primary reason for having member benefits is to provide TAICEP members with access to discounted or free products and services that will assist them with their jobs as international credential evaluators. A secondary reason for having member benefits is to develop productive and meaningful relationships with providers who support the mission and goals of TAICEP.

For those who wish to provide a member benefit under this program, please see the guidelines here: Member Benefit Program Guidelines

Submissions for consideration should be sent to Robert Prather at robertpprather@gmail.com.

Check the website for updated information about current member benefits at https://www.taicep.org/taiceporgwp/professional-development/member-benefit-program/


Thank you to our executive board, our committee members and chairs, our content contributors, TAICEP members, and our sponsors!

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From the TAICEP Website -September 2018 Newsletter


About Author

Shereen has been conducting research on educational credentials from precedent and non-precedent source countries and reviewing documents for evaluations for internationally educated physiotherapists for over 6 years. Prior to her experience at CAPR, Shereen worked as an Outreach Liaison Specialist at Job Skills supporting newcomers and immigrants in York Region. Shereen holds an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Communication, Culture and Information Technology from the University of Toronto and a post-graduate certificate in Corporate Communications from Seneca College. Shereen also co-presented at the TAICEP 2016 conference in Chicago on the following topic "Increasing Pre-Arrival Support for Internationally-Educated Professionals in a Culture of Openness and Transparency." She also recently presented at the 2017 conference on education fraud and degree mills, and is currently the Chair of the Marketing and Communications Committee at TAICEP.

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